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Dalian Mong is a skeleton moving company was founded in 1996, is a company specializing in moving, transportation, services of private service providers. Mainly involve enterprises moving, residential moving services. With the development we scaled down, baiyubu now has a variety of vehicles, technical staff of more than 500 people, business outlets all over the city, Dalian, has developed into a city, Dalian is fairly large moving services.
we holding with "customer first" of business concept, Dalian moved, and Dalian moved company, and Dalian moved company phone, and Dalian moved company price, and Dalian long-distance moved, and Dalian long-distance moved company, and Dalian moved company which good to service customer for mission, pursuit security, and efficient, and timely, and seriously of service purposes, and exploration out a strictly of management system and efficient, and reasonable of moved operation program, let customer worry, and assured. We always insist on quality service, strictly enforce the "seven three are not allowed to" practice and the commitment to implement the three services Dalian ants are a professional moving and transportation service providers. Dalian public: freight, moving, relocation of factories, shopping malls, schools, enterprises, relocation, machinery and equipment, equipment relocation, lifting, long, short-distance freight move, furniture disassembly and Assembly, air conditioning machines, filling, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, and other full-service. We develop ideas and advance the awareness and project a new image, explored in practice management and workflow for the carriage of goods by various enterprises to provide fast, safe, efficient and high quality service! Treasure you have selected for the first time, and strive to do better service, warmly welcome new and old customers call, email! chat! our principle: customer first, reputation first, service best.
we pursue: first-class service + =100% satisfaction at reasonable prices.
our aim: quality of service satisfaction, rest assured, removal of worry.
always adhere to quality service, the strict implementation of "five good three are not allowed to" practice in the industry and the implementation of the three services.

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