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Since ancient times, a lot of things in China will have a lot of tradition, moving is not an exception either round or a variety of Feng Shui layout, the layout rules. Moving about Feng Shui in many places may have a different urban differences, for example when they moved to the area searching for rules, best to avoid missing corners, irregular triangle community, but in reality, community seems to be very little anyway, simply to stay away from these corner section to avoid bad luck. Now some community will now become more and more shape, but this symbol in Feng Shui is not good, always pay attention to places where residential Feng Shui has always been about founder, irregular House likely to cause mental stress, easy and produces words, houses the more rules, more discordant. So some elected House should think about Feng Shui problems. Feng Shui
important, but note what the status may occur when moving. For example moving rain. When you hire a moving company when you could take the initiative to ask the moving company to box-type truck handling, this can be, and waterproof this part work, move vehicles parked as far as possible away from the doors or elevators close, reducing transport distances in the rain. This can avoid wet items as possible. Some wooden homes but also need something to protect, for example, ready for the big plastic cover, if not, you can go to buy, and then wrapped in carpets, rugs generally moving companies, furniture that was well protected to keep furniture in the rain, causing unnecessary losses. These wooden home or you can wait for the sunny days during handling. There is a home appliance, a lot can be video or something, these gravity into the water you can imagine. Once water appliances, definitely bad, the situation is serious, may be directly written off, so the proper precautionary measures are necessary, treatment can refer to wooden furniture. Also need to be sealed with adhesive tape, can some daily necessities needed, it would follow that approach, to pack everything, point clear in the box.
is the road more slippery in the rain, so handling process must pay attention to, because a lot of people's possessions are in the car, so try to avoid accidents. Before I move out some unpleasant things is not good, in Feng Shui, it is not moral.
the above are some unavoidable should make the appropriate protective measures, and in different contexts can be consult moving company for a good moving company will give you a good recommendation, or talk with them about how to perfect handling as possible. BACK
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