How to change the new moving house Feng Shui

Just purchased a new home, to see Feng Shui in fact meets the requirements of Feng Shui is not much. In Feng Shui terms is long in some places, got sand, but no water; in some places earlier, but there was no protective sand. Feng Shui point of view if it is the lack of geographical, some through the artificial modification, artificial remedies, we take a look at:
as the saying goes, water diversion canals, or make a pond water. For water, we can act to remedy water shortage, backed by the long main vein, about a nurse-sand, before Ming Tang. Dragons get good luck, wind protective sand reservoirs, Ming Tang water, this will become a Gil. For a village, if near a river, Canal was taken to alter the method of diversion and use. Locations before the stream through, impatient to water suitable for completing building ridge to stay, such as a water "reverse-hit city", rivers, looping protection. But it should be noted that river, this method will not work. Therefore we must be in accordance with "to understand nature, nature, nature, nature" four principles to make any adjustments.
long stopping off, long and flat, sand mountain are short, artificial Earth elevated fill, and planting trees to increase height to reach shelter in this amplifier, adjust the temperature and humidity and cooling purposes. Second is the question of repairing residential, such as changing the original residential doors, changing the layout of the House, change the size of Windows and doors to meet the eight houses, five houses for "fengshui" requirements for housing in road or street, owner built screen wall facing the approach can be applied to block screen wall built at the door or inside the door. Which is a wind, and to avoid evil.
we can use Feng Shui town. Feng Shui on the town, many people do not understand, in fact, it has many kinds, such as River town's Tower. The river rapids, often flooded, built the pagoda used to suppress these, the bridge will have evil features, Feng Shui believes that bridge in the water, can play role of care, can make towns and villages retain wealth. Urgent fierce inverse folding the Dragon situation, uninhibited, advised the construction of towers in town. "Shih" is also a town house complex, often facing the road, standing stones in the direction of the street, to keep out the evil Town House. Demon Town House is another method, according to the ancients, avoid demonizing the mirror because a photo will xianyuan, demon-avoid the role of demon exorcism. There is also a town--character, it is write a text or a picture, such as: "five mountains protect break" peachwood boards have ink on book five runes in addition, flowers and trees can be adjusted for Feng Shui. Many people know to use cacti and cactus block brake. It is well known that plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which can be placed in the room for oxygen or its branches to keep off the evil spirits, if there is a rush for the door, you should just walk in the door placed at the head of the corresponding plant. Not only will this avoid retaining envelope can also play a role in a thriving business. In addition, some people like to use hanging wind chimes, hung the magic gourd, hang a sword, placed stone lions, unicorns and other items shipped to ward off evil spirits.
some of these methods can be used to change the newly House Feng Shui problems, good luck as well, you need a lot of attention to the problem of Feng Shui. BACK
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