Joint efforts will move the industry to a peak

Moving company activities carried out since all moving companies are scrambling to staff training, and strive to improve service quality, and shorten the handling time, improve the efficiency of moving. With the promotion of activities, we are pleased to see that significantly improved the quality of services of the company: praise more and more, complain less and less. A move company officials said "a phone is not a complaint or complaints, now the wind has changed, receiving a phone call are basically praised. "All these achievements made, let all employees aware of the moving company, as long as one mind, customer service, will be able to win the trust of people.
at the same time, we must also soberly realize that moving industry there are a lot of problems, such as slogans, translated into action on the little lines convey up many policies and urging of no follow-up monitoring mechanism. Customer address records often no more stiff, service terms, security equipment leasing, there are many problems, demonstrating some managers on the company's decisions take, not put into action. Service upgrade activities not only measures to improve the level of service, is a big test, which examines the implementation of staff and cadre management, poor cooked cooked plain.
upgrade activity is the first step moving company do in order to improve the quality of service, each company must be good at summing up, each problem appears in this action are worthy of careful analysis and find out why. Only continuous reflection, continuous improvement can truly improve yourself.
spring has come, let us join hands to "from customer satisfaction to customer moved, moving service upgrade is implemented" activities to a climax! BACK
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