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The proverbs are good, "Ding Shuiwang shanwang people money", "water" is so important for Feng Shui. Our yangzhai moisture around six, the first is water, such as bend water, ocean water. "Bend into the Hall, when the Prime Minister," said, this water is expensive also. The second is surrounded by water, as well as JI Shui, water winding, and song of love, such as belt water. Third class, as well as JI Shui. Four diagonal River, JI there is fierce. Five anti-water bow and worthless. And say: If the water in your arms and hold anti-, a failure, this water is hard. Six straight to the water, and go straight to vent, negative small fortune.
with the development of the improvement of the residential environment, development of waterscape residential district has become a fashion, while also a transformation to the Feng Shui. Many people unknowingly are the "water" of damage. Because on same at waterscape,, because it and other around of different residential on will has different of relationship, and each building building of SAT to also may different, so, waterscape on around building of good role also will has is big of difference, purchase housing of when to carefully select, selected of when selected good has on can help shipped Mong Kok fiscal, selected of bad of words on will bankruptcy kills. For example, we find many years of practical survey of tenants who live next to the water, but due to bad water, which resulted in multiple out theft, case, esophageal cancer, diabetes and so on.
Feng Shui there is such saying: inch taller hills, low and one inch of water. For some buildings in the city, between the floor and the floor space, since roads are next to water, and therefore, you need to buy real estate, you need to visit the surrounding environment, try to avoid road straight, inverse arch road conditions.
now we look at yangzhai water environment. Yangzhai water affects people around it. There is such a saying, show the water around the cross, the main leisure and; water toward the door, the main killing water near gate cut, owners uneasy water straight into the door, the owner of discrete; in addition, ditches, ponds, wells has taboos.
-time buyers need to be aware, and gutters are the water drain in the House, should be hidden rather than revealing. Digging trenches to water should be smooth terrain, by buckling up, the gas dispersed. If diarrhea, the wealth does not gather. Open water wealth live. Ponds are homes where water drainage. Pond square and Xing Wang Zhen Xiang. Tang like a covered Kettle, rich and infinite. Large pool, male orphan babies. House pools, circulating money. Pond in front, not a long life. Large pond behind the House, young casualties. For Wells, the well water sources. Open water. Kyrgyzstan open well, smart child. Kat on the heavenly stems and earthly branches should not be. I believe we all know front semicircular pond, round side facing forward, may make fortunes. But be careful not to corner facing the door, because the front corner of the pond House, prone to illness.
moving location for water requirements are requirements for Feng Shui, pay more attention to how some water for homebuyers and homeowners can bring good luck to the family. BACK
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