Note also that after moving home Feng Shui devices

When we move is not knowing how to organize your home furnishings? For Feng Shui, moving is a skill, how can established thriving everything smoothly, here we take a look at some relevant equipment, learning Feng Shui home furnishings.
we go from the living room, there is the living room coffee table, coffee table by color selection required a combination of master Numerology, so as to better master of horoscope. For example, green series coffee table applies to life liximu people; but optional fire Numerology's red, purple series coffee table. If a match is the best of the selected color with the furniture around coffee tables, try to color too much contrast. If used well can render a different kind of effect, but slightly improper color is tacky, so I recommend that you don't let it get matching coffee table and living room color. The shape of the table, classic rectangle and oval is the most ideal round can also try; the sharp corners of the table you must avoid do not display, from a Feng Shui point of view, these singular forms are not the ideal choice for Feng Shui. Height of the table as a whole, and for at least the living room into other ornaments, which can lead the entire household's overall Feng Shui, choose a coffee table that is smooth to start your career. Living room coffee table size to match with furniture as a reference, while others will ask, the sofa? Sofa is a primary, coffee table is a guest. Sofa is also suitable for tall, coffee table is a guest, so long preferred small, if the table is too large, that is distracting, not auspicious meaning, so the sofa coffee table should not be too large. In General that is, coffee table set with decorative furnishings tone consistent pattern across the living room to balance, shumixiangjian, care, don't get piled together, regardless of level, space design. Finally, we would also like to look at the table cannot hedge and gate, coffee table and formed a line at the door, Feng Shui called on "hedging", can lead to family accounts everywhere. In such cases, it is better to move the coffee table to avoid and gates rushed or put a screen between the two so that gas will not come in the front door into the sofa.
look at the dining room below. A new home, especially for the small apartment, has no specific location, at that time, position of the dining room will become very important. Good dining room position can bring health to your fortune, conversely, if the device is bad, not only affect the appetite, will affect your family's health. The dining room should be set in the South, because we know that Southern Sun, light is sufficient, give the feeling of warm, easy to create a happy environment; and South in Feng Shui is to fire home fires start a prairie fire, booming. Should be located between the living room and kitchen in the dining room, central location can be set up in residential. This layout will not only enhance family relationships, and in accordance with Feng Shui theory some of the attention to detail. In General, the restaurant kitchen is most suitable for, not only for your family's health is good, and can avoid the kitchen range hood into the living room, impeding good luck to enter. BACK
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