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In China, the exquisite round of Feng Shui, which is used on top of moving location, residential landscape that founder as well. Terrain founder, gossip does not lack, balance of yin and Yang, the five elements, and so that community within the gas field would be beneficial to residents. But if place layout not rules, must will led to some parts of deficiency angle, and of phase corresponds to of gossip on will has appeared defects, will will caused yin and Yang imbalance, and five estrangement, so on will effect to live who of health and luck in many buildings seems, arranged General are is with terrain features for homeopathic of layout, due to most of terrain rendering not rules-like, so many buildings of arranged on not towards a direction, buildings of layout also will rendering out not rules arranged. In addition, the regional arrangement is a founder, now rarely seen arranged in order of the buildings. Most are under the influence of Western architectural ideas in traditional buildings inside the pursuit of unique artistic, cause a square arrangement of traditional rule faded, many community residents become party are not. Think founder is inflexible. But, in fact, the buildings arranged neatly not inflexible. In Feng Shui, and rows of buildings around the layout of the balance and harmony of yin and Yang and aligned neatly houses, many because of buildings and space Division are not symmetrical, often leads to imbalance of yin and Yang, the five elements of loss in residential, and in turn bring disadvantages of Feng Shui. Moreover, between the floor and the floor are not consistent, this design can form a lot of corners and corners of the conflict, adversely to the owners.
good site for new homes "fire temple". Three days prior to move in, you need to make all the lights up, on three days and three nights on the third day you move in, this is known as the fire temple. In Feng Shui, and meant for three days and nights, the fire took, Mong Kok, on the one hand, the family began to flourish. After into the House, and incense. Lit in Hong one-third, need to start beside the door and incense, sacrificial offerings and immediately after the burn is complete. Author reminded everyone, optional day JI Shi into new homes zhihou, into new homes offering worship Shi bogey with silver paper, so now moved General just ready wood, and meters, and oil, and salt, and broom on line has, to note of is family advanced Hou, other talent can into new homes, again select ji shi, in JI Shi within ignition burning stove Cook some things eat, then on can assured of slowly moved other furniture. When you cook, preferably fire boiled dumplings and sweet tea, that "kitchen" must be fired, don't turn on the cold stove. Can cook some sweet things, like sweet dumplings or sweet tea, eat something sweet, also implies getting happy.
moving on to note is in Feng Shui to stay smart, whether it is for your family, or everything. BACK
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