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In Feng Shui, home when a child, you had better not move often, moving is an unstable situation, because kids ability to adapt than adults, and children under the new environment quiet easy to have an impact on future growth. Moved several times for children and produce some harm anything and dialectical view, not because he felt that the move was a new beginning, people moving were moved three times to help his son learning environment, fuss, although we do not know, but what we know now is, this state of instability and bad effect on children.
move will lead the family in social relationships may do less well on, moving more children and adults often feel happiness and life satisfaction decreases. In addition, move than a survey of adults don't move often high human mortality. But do not be alarmed, this is not to swallow, but also for some regular moving of people. Because the problem with moving from person to person, move is very unfavourable for introverted person, but for outgoing people, is nothing, and they will be happy to accept the move. Therefore, if parents decide to move, be sure to consider their children's personality and potential dangers.
actually has been yilai, many often moved of children are may will effect to children of learning life of, don't see TV inside often moved of those children are is some genius, that just a side of case,, if a family often moved, so this family of children will than fixed live a place of children in school of performance more poor, behavior habits problem also will more. A report from the journal of personality and social psychology, points out that move is harmful to adults, so move all the factors you need to consider before. Relocation of human happiness and often inseparable.
families with children if you are thinking about moving, slower moving again and what factors affect moving again, moved home for a child to have a fleet of feeling, can not be peace of mind, but in Feng Shui can still have a ways to go, but I still can not move, trying not to move. ADO also affects children's physical and mental development is surely a wise choice. BACK
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