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Personal freight

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introduced by the little-used thing started, boxed arrangement of a room at a time. Because would forget something in which case, so, not to individual objects mixed boxing is better. Weights small box, big Zoom box. Packing is completed, heavy objects, like books, porcelain, if loaded large boxes when handling will be very hard, it fit into the box. Name of the object callouts out of the carton. Make sure that the name and room number of the new homes labeling. Packing do not have gaps. If there are gaps in the box, in the box moves, and cause breakage. If you don't watch out there are gaps, to buffer equipment in the fixed box with newspaper articles. Moving
individual moving needs to look at: 1, two weeks before the scheduled moving, guarantees have been signed with the moving company and set the day. Moving expenses are cheaper than holidays on weekdays. 2, against the new room layout to envisage the future of furniture, moving in the most clear way to tell of the day moving company personnel, so that he could move within a short time. 3, before moving day, check each carton for what was written inside. In order to to a new home, where to find what at a glance. BACK
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