Plant relocation

Plant relocation

Plant relocation should pay attention to what
moved to remind you, in front of the plant relocation should be noted: 1, side moved the side flange adjustable swab, don't move too affected the production, if moved at the same time, additional equipment, you should install new equipment. 2, set up a relocation project group is responsible for the transport of the relocation process, materials, personnel, security, logistics, and so on. 3, the material removal recommendations specifically responsible for inventory and prevent loss. More details please inquire!
plant relocation introduces
move networks for many types of plant relocation services. With car hoists, cranes, forklifts, dump, flatbed, tail Board, concave in high altitude vehicles, trailers and other factory equipment. Guaranteed to arrive, in order to allow customers to be assured, customers can stretch truck sent to ensure precision and vital facilities in good condition, really "allows customers to rest assured." BACK
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